Messiah BeetleTransforms Old I-World, Blows We-Cloud (2018)

The origin of all elements:
1) The half circle , the left-over of a small red make-up wall table, which I found reorganising our attic and other storage places
2) The fancy cocktail toothpicks were to take for free after shopping at my regular Albert Hein in Lekkenburg, Gouda. The shape reminded me of a sling to hang people,. Mankind is still hanging themselves being blind for the devastating effects of overconsumption, global heating and the big killers tobacco, alcohol, sugar in soft-drinks. We are unaware that we are in fact pulling ropes taking our air/freedom away.
3) Fragments of an expired  broken  Master Card and more sustainable ASN Bankcard. Another "strop' of the Old World is our debt, interest driven and not trust based failing financial system (symbolically presented by the remains of an expired Master Card). We need to redesign our financial system and prohibit speculation, gambling and establish a win-win economy.
4) The  butterfly shaped thick black piece of rubber. I spotted it next to the road after shopping at Albert Hein and stopped my bike to pick it up. I sliced it in 3 parts and used two parts to construct the mouth of the Beetle which can shout and create awareness and can crunch the "strops" of the Old egotistic I-World.
The painted creature was meant to have some resemblance to a ladybug. Ladybug is a "lieveheersbeestje' in Dutch. First, creative translation led to the Messiah beetle. Secondly, beetle sounds exactly as Beatle (derived from Latin, blessed One). All is One. One is All. This Messiah Beetle/Beatle (Beatuli) crunches the money driven Old I-World and takes our heavy dark debts/guilt feeling away. It transforms the Old I-World and gives birth to a sustainable "burp/fart": The New We-Cloud, a win-win for all all with a sustainable financial system (the left-over of a sustainable bank (ASN) card) and our shared awareness (share the Apple, know wat is good and evil)  will bring joy to all. The We-Cloud resembles also a caterpillar, the larvae originating from the egg of a butterfly.
5) The finishing touch was by giving the Beatle legs (left-over pieces of wood after a carpenter job) and creating a canal using blue cords (part of a bag, the paper of the bag went into the recycle bin).


looking around

the miracle is in you.

you can walk on water  ice 

be a blue swan, a butter-



The mouth of the Messiah Beatle is in the shape of a butterfly. We all have an inner butterfy. It is a pity that most people are passive and their butterfly remains seated on a cold ground in a dark cave/Self. They wait till others take action. We can start changing the world if  we do not depend on others and mobilise our internal force, decide to fly, follow our passion, develop our qualities, go for the sun like Ikaros and rise and fly. Ikarus did not die.  It was also no mistake that Eve gave Adam the Apple.
This painting started (sub or higher?)-consciously and is about transformation like many more of my paintings. If we let our butterflies fly, one day we shall wake-up in a myriad of millions of colourful butterflies flying sky high and the Red Sun may even  smile and say Hi, that took a while, before you all got the message. The Resurrection party is the feast of all including the dead at the End of Times, when we live fully in the present. In Sedona (Arizona) 2017 my wife Marie-Christine and  ran into the party of the muertos (the dead)

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