Love and Connection

Blue and green are recurrent colours in my paintings. Green reflects the progressive masculine force: the power, must and drive. Blue reflects the cyclic feminine force of harmony. connection, longing. Both forces need to be in balance work to be able to take the path to the New World. By the way, green and blue were  also the colours of the souls of me and my wife Marie-Christine and the orange painting below. We met by coincidence. God does not play dice. I heard her approaching footsteps on the first day of spring turned around, saw her smile and without thinking I said "What a beautiful smile". The poem in Dutch on the collision of smiles is in the Poetry (gedichten) section.The fusion colour, bluegreen reflects complementary love, yin and yang, joint strength.  In 2003 I had a spiritual transformation. I started to understand the deeper layers of my intuitive paintings. The feminine in my paintings in blue and the male in green. My wife choose already a very unusual colour, bluegreen, for her wedding dress in 1991 and I wore a bluegreen neck-tie as symbol of our connection.  Another God does not play dice:  In 2000 I had an open space in a painting. An  inner voice suggested me to paint a whale. I did not take my inner voice seriously.nor the second time. The third time I followed the suggestion and a bluegreen whale appeared giving birth to a bending creature with a red-green head. The story of Jona and the whale is about resurrection. The completed fusion of man and woman condensed in a blue green whale giving birth to  red and green: the colours representing love and sustainability. Bending is symbolic for the king-servant.

Eternal Love

















 Fusion of souls



   Arrival of GOD


Family Time. eat Your Apple


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