Action Painting: Guidance from Above and/or My Wife?

 I do not belief that my intuitive action painting is coincidental. Einstein already stated "God does not play dice!" Before 2003, the year of my spiritual transformation/manic (lucid?) episod, my intuitive paintings had no titles. I had only a faint feeling what they were about.

Take "Soul in a distance" (go to the Paintings section and look for  "Ziel in de Verte") painted in  2001 whilst I understood its deeper meaning not until the end of 2008, a few months before my father died and his soul was released. Or the sensation of giving birth (Birth of Aquarius, 2003) at the last brush, Or The End of Times (2009)  Years later, I realised  there is only one Time, the Present. The Big Bang is just the beginning of One Time. Orchestrated Awareness? Live fully in the present in connection with the Universe (= All = God). From 2003 and onwards it became much easier to understand the meaning of my paintings .A lot of my paintings happened to be spiritually layered and were pointing to the future. Time was indeed relative. My spiritual horizon shifted in 2003 but I painted already paint shifted horizons in 2000 and 2001. I painted already sub- (or higher) consciously the crisis in my relation in 2003-2004 in Separation in 2001. I also received clues about the meaning from other people, A visiting professor Micha Peleg (Amherst, MA) told me that my intens violent red action painting on the whiplashes in the song of the rock musical Jezus Christ Superstar reminded him of the supernovas on Discovery Channel. Prof. Grahame Gould (Unilever Colworth House) confirmed his view. I used pictures of  my own creation of  JC Superstar as Christmas card that year. The Birth of Aquarius was my other Christmas card. My last brush yielded a child in a manger (In Dutch "kribbe).  that year. I just learnt a month ago that the spirals in "The Conception of the New World, the Joker smiled (2014)"  are presumed to be the symbol for the breath of Universe/God (Jacques Bakker, Breda, 2018). The making contact of the feminine (blue) and masculine (green) spirals/breaths yields the conception of the New World. Return to the Home page and you will find even the Launch of the New World. This painting had four stages. The third and last transformation was triggered by my wife, who found the left-over of a bicycle light and gave it to me I used it to transform the centre into an explosion,  The first stage was about our required shift in perspective to start the healing or Whole-ing. The third stage is about the light coming in our tunnel (vision: think of our capital sins, our debt based money driven, society, tobacco, alcohol, etc.) I received my spiritual alias Joker Constructor via a fantastic association path in 2003. I discovered years later that the Joker had already been hiding in my paintings. Or the Peacock King (2009). Or the Wizard of Oss (2011).  The "Unitive Consciousness" has humour, plays word games. Joker Constructor, JC, Wizard of Oss/Oz, the Joker is evil in Batman (Bad-Man). The story of Adam and Eve has to be played in reverse in  Aquarius time. Listen to Maria (Christina) = Eve. Eat the Apple. My paintings have succeeded to convince me that the New World has already started to come. It does not matter whether I paint with guidance from above and/or within as All is One. My paintings seem to come through a canal from the Unitive Consciousness where all spirits/souls, what is in a name, are connected. Take for example my "Münch", the fusion of Münch and my youngest sister consciousness. It was painted a few weeks before the death of my father. Indeed. we need to fight for love, scream, create awareness . for the need to reconnect and make our hearts/Love our driving force and live in the present, which is the greatest gift. The Universal Present.

PS August 11 I received instructions of my wife to finally succeed in my task to make a peaceful quiet painting for our living room. Marie-Christine prescribed the colours (shades of red, yellow, petrol). It should be calm, not fragmented, with depth. I made it on her favourite music and when it was completed she preferred it upside down.  Message: Men cannot succeed without their women and listening to her is the quick road to paradise.

Guidance by my wife (2019)






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