The Apple and the Tree of Knowledge


The Apple and the Tree of Knowledge

The Apple

The story about Adam, Eve and the apple of the Tree of Knowledge has got a surprising new clue.  After all, the plot was incredible. It did  not make sense that mankind (at that time presumably "Adam and Eve") were not allowed to learn about Good and Evil by eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Secondly, ignorant and innocent people were seemingly blessed in Christian religion. Only in the uterus, however,  a human being can be both ignorant, innocent and blessed assuming the mother did not continue smoking or drinking during pregnancy.  On the contrary, the main problems in society are caused by lack of knowledge, unknowingly doing wrong and insufficient learning from mistakes. History, unfortunately, shows the continuous repetition of mistakes, because the lessons of the past are ignored.  If we become conscious about what is good and evil it will be much easier not to sin, not to make mistakes. Similarly, If we feel more connection as we realise we all originate from one source, we are less inclined to do harm. If we share our knowledge about Good and Evil and that we are divine being part of the Universe = God, society will change to the better. In essence, returning to the apple/fruit of the Tree of Knowledge mankind should pick and mash all apple/fruit or ferment the juice and share the resulting compote/cider and we will finally reach our destiny, Paradise. Our major sins  have to do with addictions like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, power and gambling. We have to break free from the chains of our temptations knowing what (the Tree of) Life is about.

PS Some Christians believe popsongs can be evil. If you play these songs in reverse order, they claim you hear the devil. We have played the movie of Adam and Eve and parts of Genesis in the wrong order. Mankind is scattered over the earth. By realisation that we are all One and share knowledge of Good and Evil, in essence make apple cider or punch of all the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge we are reconnected and shall turn Earth into Paradise. We were never kicked out of Paradise but God showed us the traffic sign to a better world, but we interpreted it upside down.

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