The nuclear summit in the Hague has just finished. World leaders discussed urgent matter, were they kidding?  Only two people have apparently died in the past as the result of the theft of radioactive material. A third death, a sophisticated murder (polonium) on Litvinenko in London, could even be linked to the guest of honour at the Holland Heineken Huis in Sochi at the Winter Games, black sheep Vladimir Poetin. Vladimir did not come to The Hague because he did not want to embarrass the Dutch Prime minister Mark Rutte. Mark was busy transforming the Netherlands in a safe haven for big money of his poor friends.  Besides the good black guy, Barack and the white crook, Vladimir, would not match at the Nachtwacht of Rembrandt. Obama could now shine, representing “White” innocence? One week later, he was even blessed by Pope Franciscus.

What stayed behind the curtains of the The Hague show? Why did not the world leaders discuss bioterrorism at the top, which requires a lot less skill. In fact, they were sitting ducks. Just select a recipe of  the cookbook of  R. Beumer PhD. (Wageningen University) and take public transportation (line 17 from Central Station) and get off in the  restricted zone.  Ask a signature of any too much ego and hand your sticky pen, introduce your cute rabies dog, switch the Heinz by a botox ketchup, give a ricin sake (Dutch like free drinks) or some toxic peepee,.. peanuts (not only English diplomats do not wash their hands after the loo) or throw a norovirus suspension balloon against the cars outside the restricted zone or do all, ...  You can easily fill a Wikipedia. The world leaders were sitting ducks. Mankind is a sitting duck. Just imagine an airborne Ebola virus.  No, priority of the world leaders was with nuclear terrorism. The media really like it and it is the decoy, the enemy from outside. On April 1 we have celebrated again that we are all still fools. My question is how can we set the right priorities and make the transition to the New World? How can we destroy the current System of Fools, stop the charade and make the transformation.

As Jesus would say “identify the terrorist in our own eyes”. This short assay is aimed at a class of bioterrorism which does not come from Muslims but from the inside, our innocent white world.  If we understand how it massively deceives, steals, legally murders, we shall literally free ourselves from our not 12 Years Slave but millennia of slavedom. 

The only thing is what we have to do is take perspective. Most people have a black and white perspective of the world. Obama is good and Osama is bad, really bad. Obama, however,  is responsible for the cowardice drone killings. Drones kill bad fundamentalists but also good civilians and children. Obama had more innocent people killed on purpose than Osama. Could we blame Osama that the Twin Towers collapsed. The American firemen at 911 did not either expect. May be, the Italian mob who did save money on the construction.

Osama fought, however, also  against Western values, addictions. (Child)marketing of cigarettes and alcohol to a killing field of globally 7,5 million lifes every year. Soft-drinks in the US ($75,000,000,000 retail value) generates annually $321,000,000,000 health damage (diabetes, obesitas).  Cynically, the first mass nuclear terrorism was by the US. They used their first atomic bomb  on Hiroshima. Nagasaki was lucky that the second and bigger one, "Fat Man" missed downtown. Today, thousands of "Fat men" and "Fat women" die every week by the silent dirty bomb, the Obesityvirus.  Obesity is just part of the clusterbomb of the Old World system. Take King Alcohol killing 2,500,000 globally every year making profit at the expense of society. The Dutch Heineken pays about $3 net dividend to their shareholders per 25 gallons beer generating $500 of societal health related damage.  World class (OMO)Power Unilever introduced deadly trans fats in margarines and sneaked out in a covert operation cleaning up their product range mid-nineties when they were the first to realize how deadly these trans fats were. 100,000 people dying silently from cardiovascular disease by trans fats for years. One tub of margarine in the seventies was as deadly as 13 cigarettes, can you imagine? Why did the US Food & Drug Administration not timely act but waited till 2013 putting a ban on trans fats? 

The most sick thing is that the industry targeted their marketing at the weak, children and parents with less education. Putting menthol in carcinogenic cigarettes and sugar in Bacardi breezers, making too fat and salty food addictive, Pepsi suggesting that drinking soft drinks will give world peace. A Machiavellian premeditated long term mass murder just to make money from the poor. Hitler was nasty but had also some Robin Hood features. If he had won World War II, he would have banned smoking, and 340 million people would not have died from lung cancer. Every year the alcohol industry, 2,5 million deaths per year, beats Pol Pot (Cambodja, responsible for 1,8 million deaths in his lifetime career) easily. The CIA learned their methods from the Gestapo, but our “gezellig” Old System has more ways to torture and cage. Child marketing, old McDonald  offers the Happy Family his lap. The money system stimulates debts, speculation, is fueled at stealing from the less educated.  US lawyers have become the vampires of the health system. Patents, even on Life, keep medicine, agricultural seeds away of the people who try to grow the hope on a better future.

What about Obama, he fights, but not hard enough? His democracy, however, is still bought by the old system in the US. The financial industry pays the government to get the regulation to legally steal from the poor. The US has become a schizophrenic Christian nation. The first command “Thou shall not kill” seems to be forgotten by an effective lobby of the American Rifle Association. On the contrary, a suffocating moral, already an innocent tit on the television is a big scandal. Adam did not wear a gun by the way and the tits of Eve were already in the public domain on day 6 of creation.

The USA thinks they are number one of the World. They may be a little bit more humble. Just because our King Willem III of the UK and the Netherlands (in fact, ruling the almost united world at that time) fell of a horse in 1702, the Americans could cut the umbilical cord with the weakened EMPIRE and as a result never became good in football = soccer.

God might even play soccer, but not dice. If Obama wants to pass St. Peter at the gate to Heaven, he will need to be prepared to answer the question why he did not follow the example of Abraham to address the real issues and clean like Hercule the Augias stable of the Old World. Abraham is the archfather of Jews, moslims, christians  and Abraham  gave the daring order to his men to circumcise their penis to reduce infections. A modern variant of  "circumcision" would allow proper cleaning of the Old System of arms, money speculation, tobacco,  discrimination and to finally listen to our women who hate the rancidity and are keen to help in restoring harmony at home, in the world and in the heart.

Obama is not the Saint (Roger Moore as 007 with a licence to kill). He should revoke the licence of the Beast to kill. The Lamb has a (drivers) licence not to kill only and Obama should remember that words can nowadays conquer the world in one day. 

Come, on Saint Barack. You can do better. Have a dream!

Every day you get a new chance of God/Allah/Boeddha or Vishnu, ... He has been patient. Like after Pearl Harbour Roosevelt called the CEO’s of the automotive industry, call the world leaders and provide a horizon of a win-win world. There is room for everybody, the Afghanistan school girl, the Guatemalan migrant, the village Sierra Leonean, to let them shine. if we also follow the Command: Thou shall not steal in our economy and WE shall SHARE. What about giving our knowledge to the Third World to catch up? Have a non-alcoholic Tea Party and discuss American values with the Taliban. Implement sensor technology to prevent accidents and minimize natural catastrophes. Track down the hidden burden of current society and connect the world and we shall be free at last.  

Batman alias the Joker alias the Wizard of Oss