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God or Buddha or (the Mother of) the Universe do not play dice. S-He smiles when S-He plays the synchronicity game. Coincidence is as you may know the pseudonym of God. "God" or the (Mother of the) Universe seems to smile whilst amplifying coincidence.  Coincidence (C) X coincidence (C) = C*C a demonstration of the power of the (im)Possible. In the classic "The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe of Douglas Adams, the heroes have a spaceship: The Heart of Gold" with a special feature. The Infinite Improbability Drive. If you understand improbability the Drive generates the Improbable!

I have Forest Gump features.   I ran too often in improbable coincidences. My Unilever boss bonus was dependent on subsidy fraude in 2002 when he put me out of my job AND my boss was coincidentally the project leader of Paddington named after a sweet bear. Project Paddington was less innocent. It was the covert operation to make the killing margarines of Unilever transfat free. Unilever became transfat free before the public was aware. Unilever overplayed his hand in 2011 telling that Becel was already transfat free in 1962 in a juridicial published advertisement case AND I found this verdict by chance looking up my own Unox verdict and battle about E-numbers in 2009. I instantly realised that Unilever could make transfat free margarines as late as 1962. 33 years earlier than operation Paddington. Over one millions deaths earlier. Over one million unnecessary deaths by an ultra-processed food. Fat Man (Nagasaki) gave only 75,000 unnecessary deaths because it missed the center of the town.

In 2009 I, Pieter "Gump", discovered the failure of the monitoring committee of the deadly probiotic trial in Utrecht. They failed to combine probabilities.  I got help of a friend, Ronald Meester (Professor in Mathematics and Statistics, Free University) to get it into publicity AND Ronald, by the way,  actually wrote Coincidence, the alias of God AND my PhD thesis of 1989 contained already the ecological explanation of the deadliness of the probiotic cocktail. Winclove, the company behind the probiotic trial had hired an emeritus professor in food microbiology of Wageningen University as advisor. F.R., a friendly food chemist, with no understanding of microbial ecology became professor in 1985.  Coincidence? AND both my PhD supervisors in Nijmegen had applied for that job of professor. I knew because I started in Nijmegen November 1984 and in 1985 the government wanted to close my dental faculty and my supervisors were looking for other jobs  One supervisor came in second. The WUR procedure was, however,  only meant to clean the way for their planned internal appointment. My brilliant supervisor Hans van der Hoeven was decades ahead in addressing the role of host substrate in human microbial ecology. AND in 2002 I did not also fit in the Wageningen culture

There are so many miraculous coincidences in my life like my encounter with my wife named Marie-Christine. Read about my guided action painting in Love and Connection in my Schilderijen Paintings section These exponential coincidences are the landing lights of the Shining Path.  The first words of a unifying world religion which I received in mystic nights in Blida in Algeria bringing heaven to earth. Below more almost invIsible clues about the impossible. The spiritual alias I acquired in 2003: Joker Constructor, JC


Mon père a dites: Mon conception était au commence de Noel 25-12-1958. Les cloches ont sonné au moment

Je suis né dans l’an de Révolution Cubain (1959) à 15 septembre, la troisième mardi,  "Prinsjesdag" dans le Pays-Bas. "Jour des Petits Princes"

Mon transformation premier (mentale) a eu à 9-11 1964. Mon ‘Ground Zero’, j'étais en coma apres une collision avec une voiture et un vol de 25 mètres. J'étais de mon nouveau conscient a la troisième jour, 11-11-64

Je trouvais le paradis le premier fois à Taizé, France (1977).

Je rencontrais ma femme Marie-Christine (la fusion de Maria et Maria Magdalena) à la commence du printemps, l’équinoxe (21-3-1988). 

Mon transformation spirituelle était à 21-1-2003, la visite de Saint-Esprit dans la nuit.

Mon mission à changer le monde/mon résurrection commençait 20 avril 2003. (le 1er jour de (Pâques). 9 avril 2023, aussi le 1er jour de Pâques, j'ai roula la pierre de la tombe de mon père, qui habite dans les cieux.




J'ái reçu mon alias spirituel en 2003 : Joker Constructor, une cryptogramme pour Bouddha riant, Aquarius, l'acronym est JC..


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