Coming out of the closet. Nowadays the expression coming out of the closet is linked to homosexuals and lesbians, who publicly reveal their true nature. It is also the true nature time for Aquarius, the Waterman, for tipping over to the New World. He can indeed come out after literally unplugging the water closet, the plugged stinking loo of the Old World, the place of shit and piss. For us, let’s spell it, U S, the place to quickly wash our hands like Pontius Pilate after we dropped our shit without looking back. But what if we, us, U S dealt with our true nature and behaviour? How to truly deal with shit, us shit and reshape, transform.

We, us, U. S., produce a sky-high pile of shit but we fight the mice droppings of the Islamitic State, I S., the other.  I.S. has decapitated over three persons (this column was written on Oktober 5, 2014. The death toll and cruelty, in essence, the polarization has increased, the neutralizing powers too, on March 23, 2015 I.S.  is losing territory rapidly) and has become the new Godzilla, great Satan, the Antichrist. The French, our ally, used the efficient guillotine, instead of a halal pocket knife to promote their revolutionary ideals: Egalité, fraternité, liberté. Equality, brotherhood and liberty in the days of No-tube, no tellee to show their mass decapitations. What makes us think only in black and white, us, U.S. against I.S. The white lamb Obama against black sheep Osama?

What if we open the door of the water closet and like Orwell again realize that all people are equal and produce shit, but some people are more equal and produce more elephant poo than others. We, mankind, started off producing shit in Africa and subsequently dropped poo all over the place. It is time to address the mess.

To put the IS atrocities in perspective, our tobacco industry knew since the Stone Age that smoking was deadly. Still, good old Marlboro Man made cigarettes more child friendly with menthol. God, Allah, Buddha,  no surprise, totally agree on the highest level that this is premeditated murder. This smoking gun, the Kill Bill, adds up to 330 million victims since World War II > > Hitler’s genocide.  By the way,  Holocaust Adolf was against smoking. Jolly good Brits let Dresden in World War II enjoy one night smoking (100,000 civilians set on fire) and their embassy recently assisted British Tobacco in promoting smoking, the no1 serial killer, in the third world. Us, not only the U.S., are so clever whilst withholding Africa  the timely development of an ebola vaccine or accessible AIDS medicine. Us look so innocent. Take tiny Belgium, King Leopold was responsible for the death of ten million people in Congo (Africa). Us is good. Us leaders mimic Roman emperors. Us organise games sponsored by beer giant Heineken (the Kill Bill of alcohol since Hitler is 165 million, Putin by the way loves Heineken!) or Coca Cola (the annual health damage of soft-drinks in US county is 321 billion US dollars, $ 1000 per capita:controling soft-drinks consumption may be a major step solving poverty?). Do we literally have I don’t believe it is butter on our heads to use a Dutch expression. We know about Softenon and Mad Cow Disease, but did we also know that the Kill Bill of the food industry, obesity, diabetes, even innocent "butter" (margarines were loaded with transfats) ) approximated Adolf's gas chambers. Do we see only the decapitations of IS and haben wir es nicht gewusst, or are us, US going to address the real shit.

It is time to switch on our lights, remove the darkness, unplug.  It is time for Aquarius, the water (= female element) – man. Not ignoring but addressing the shit. Restoring the balance between the more feminine force (will, harmony, connection) and the masculine thrust (must, progress, drive) will make us unplug and reveal a clean path to  the New World.

Be Brave and Unplug!

Aquarius unplugged