In 2003 I asked  my youngest daughter, who was almost nine at that time. What is the difference between a man and a monkey? The answer came in a split second: A monkey has more hair! My next question was: What is the difference between a human and a mouse? A mouse has bigger ears! Children can be refreshingly direct.  Homo sapiens, the monkey and  mouse are almost identical at DNA level. What would be  the difference between a human and a human?

 We, humans, come from one source, let us call her Lucy. We began as apes in

Africa and evolved into black humans. Black migrants have subsequently

colonised the world. Religion comes also from one source. Jews, Christians

and Muslims all know where to get the mustard (Abraham, Ibrahim). The

archetype of the Redeemer, whether we name him  Jesus Christ, the Laughing

Buddha, Santa Claus, the Eastern Bunny or Aquarius, comes also from one

source, the Unitive Consciousness.


Take Geert Wilders, he fights the Islam, whilst the Islam comes from the same source as

Christianity. He fights double  nationalities when there was only one

nationality to start with, for those who are conscious of the connection.

He  fights the migrants, while migration has turned the earth into our

home. Wilders portrays migrants as parasites, who are after our  prosperity.

The Dutch prosperity was based on the exploitation of Indonesia and the

slave trade.  Up till  the day of today, we, the West makes huge profits at the

expense of poor countries. We still buy  earth shaking blood gas, profit from

cheap jeans from China or child labour from India.


Why not stop the polarisation, the selfish we-they thinking? What will

happen: The feeling of connection will grow. Why not do our utmost best to

improve the living conditions in the Third World instead of fighting

migrants. People would normally not consider moving because they feel at

home in their own culture and climate. If  mankind can improve their or better our in

we-we thinking conditions of living and give us a shared hope for a better future in our own

country, migration will become a free choice and an eagerness to explore our

shared world


In the Netherlands but also in other countries, there are beautiful examples

of organisations, who locally help  to develop a country. For example, the

PUM  Senior Experts in the Hague sends (often retired) experts to assist small

and medium size businesses (SME's) in developing countries. A few weeks of effort

creates significant opportunities for the local company and its community for a better future.

It is also a chance to make friends at the other site of the world  and to

realise that we are all connected. We share the same nationality, we are




PS I am so proud of my youngest daughter. At 25 she organised an international training with PUM experts Arie Bijl and Paul van der Ven in poultry farming for sustainable agriculture in Rwanda.