Great No-thing

Silent love

revolting against superficial logic

do not resign

cause logic cannot suppress the Great No-thing

when there are still feelings involved

there will be hope

that one day

the struggle will end

in a satisfying draw



To look for a theme

of a poem

to use a non-theme

without finding a way-out

to transfer your melancholy

into words

that will bend



by touching.


Toc, toc (2-10-1984)




the hammering

of words

without an

added value

they will

leave impressions

which will be erased

by a light breeze

coming by.

My life (13-11-1984)

Meeting place of


your life

one out of how many

how often

play-ball of fortune

gaining momentum

by efficient



To myself (2-10-1984)

To whom,

do I write

who reads

who will understand


I hope it will not be



The therapy is working

just let him write

that will do

for the moment

till he finds


finding a way to

direct the energy

spilled into frustrations,


the shrink mentioned

in his notebook.

How cynical,

he called the day.


Mocking bird (11-01-1985)

Remember the mocking bird

ideal, that will not

be understood

by lots of others

mystified creature

in a language

that will hardly

be understood

by the people I

want to understand.


C.F. (1)

To write the final words

she cannot answer.

After that time you will send

some words in an empty space

till two letters arrive


Signed C.F.


C.F. (2)

Trying to forget

an impossibility

if you spot

her hair

feelings revive

eyes shed two tears

if it shows her eyes

you are trying to remember

hers again.


C.F. (3)

Grief, slowly swallowing

the shrivelling residu of my blood

another year of not seeing

will it leave one drip behind

to welcome?


C.F. (4)

A slight hope

of C. ringing you

when will she have time

or is it a matter

of restricting her stay

to those two-three days

at the end of this month.

Life should go on

and you should be

riding the waves

instead of letting

so many pass.

C.F. (5, 25-7-1984)

A quarter, to sit

in a train

that you will have to leave

before it leaves

she leaves.

To talk, what to say

in a quarter when

there is no time to talk

what you wanted to

To be

in a corridor

in order to kiss


Three kisses, some words

To press

her hand just

before departure

a train starts

to move

to watch

her disappear

tears start to appear

you walk till

the platform becomes empty,


To cry silently

before taking a tram

this time it will be


Concerto (December 1983)

A concerto for piano

moment to withdraw

from constructing a paper

To grab a

malfunctioning pen

worn out of writing so many lines,

less logical, loaded

with feelings, often hidden

between lines, where they will


months, years


E (13-05-1984)

To reach for the stars


of looking and thinking

if (?)

But there are so many!


Days go by

fast streaming rivers


to influence

Otherwise, you will be spitted out

at the wrong places


Little girl

A little girl was swimming in the ocean

she was hoping that he would come

one day or the other

she was despairing that he would not come

one day or another

Top (05-02-1985)

To reach the top

and to stay

for days

letting the air

at that height

swell in your bones

dance on your skin

awaken the morning star