"Aquarius, Aquarius, let the sunshine in," The famous popsong.  Religious fundamentalists regarded pop music as degenerated and satanic. A myth of the seventies was that playing some "degenerated" pop elpees in reverse would let you hear  "devil".  God alias Jahweh alias Allah, however, likes jokes and played a similar trick with the Jews, Christians and Muslims in the past. The famous story in Genesis about  Adam, Eve and the apple makes only sense playing it in reverse and then if you listen, we can hear "Heaven" or "Paradise"!

How can it be wrong to know about Good and Evil or to discover your inner Buddha/flame? Adam was fully right to listen to Eve and by picking and sharing the fruit  they  (or in fact, we) shall obtain the essential knowledge about good and evil and share it with their (our) off-spring. The Earth will turn into Heaven/Paradise. The painting "The Fall (2008)" below shows the presumed conspiracy, the Snake talking with the Beast. In an earlier version of this painting, a Christmas apple was attached to a wooden cross. The painting was resting against a wall and it fell spontaneously to the other site against the gravitational force. The apple was damaged. Literally a bite was taken. The apple was symbolically destroyed in a blender taking the sin, the apple with the wrongful (?) bite,of Adam  away. This painting is a composition of the pieces of a painted and broken mirror. It was inspired by the song "Go through the mirror" of the Rock Opera "Tommy" of the Who. The main character becomes a kind of Messiah after going through the mirror. The precedessor of this painting is one of the five paintings shown in the banner of my website. The title of this painting is: The Peacock king comes from the cross and bends to the world. I learnt in India that the peacock is the symbol of non violence. Bending to the world is about servant leadership: the King Servant. I recently discovered that the peacock is also the symbol of resurrection.

The Snake Talks to the Beast

The Apple and the Tree

The Apple and the Tree (2012)

Redemption (2009)

Liberation of Capitalism (2009)


When did Man/Adam stop listening to the woman/Eve?Maria?

 The Quaternity

The Quaternity (2003, 2009)

1500 BC? Apollo kicked Gaia out of Delphi. Abraham/Ibrahim overruled Sara. Sara (50+) was against getting pregnant (chance on a baby with Down's Syndrome). Sophia was removed from the Jewish temples and the image of the Quaternity of God became a male dominated trinity. The male force is progress driven, push, the female force is the longing, harmony, relating.. We need both forces to work fully together.and the male Apollo (the rocket) will return safely to his Gaia, Earth.

The Birth of Aquarius (2003) The last stroke of the brush gave me the sensation of birth. Later that year, just before Christmas I thought it would make a beautiful Christmas present to my best friend Jacques,  it was not only birth but the last brush resembled a child in a crib. More synchronicity: my father, who died in 2009, has always claimed  that my life started exactly on Christmas 1958. The Christmas bells started to toll. In 2009 I realised the painting represented alos  the birth of Aquarius.. On the higher spiritual level Aquarius,equals JC equals the Laughing Buddha, Santaclaus,,, (read also below).


The Era of Aquarius

A Chinese garden at Vancouver revealed another cryptic game of the Unitive Consciousness. The balance there between  water (Yin = female = Maria =  seas in Latin) and the soft stone (Yang = Petrus, Peter = rock). The soft stone is shaped by the water. A simple addition: Water (woman)  + Man (stone) = Waterman= Aquarius in Latin. His female partner is the mermaid in the painting at the beginning of this section. The harmony between stone and water  in a Chinese garden is a cryptic fingerprint of Aquarius.The current era of Aquarius reflects the restored balance between man and woman.and the start of the New (sustainable) World. The blue spontaneous painting above shows the birth of Aquarius. It shows also a child in a crib suggesting also the birth of Jesus Christ. At the higher (spiritual) level JC equals Aquarius = the Laughing Buddha of the East. They share the same spiritual alias Joker Constructor = the Creator with a :-) = the God Joker. The painting about the fusion of a green (M) and blue (F) heart in the banner of my website gives rise to Aquarius. This fusion of  Apollo and Gaia, Peter and Maria releases sparks in the shape of "eagles", symbols of energy.

 The (Cryptic) Joker

The First Joker

The joker has popped up in my painting over the years. The joker is the card that can transform the game. The joker creates awareness by combining analysis and hunour. The painting below shows the transformation of myself (the joker)  into the Easter Bunny.

Transformation into Easter Bunny Transformation into Easter Bunny

Below the Joker dances on the Earth, here a  big lollipop like the poem on the homepage of this website after ending the suffering and fixing the problems of the world.


Below a caterpillar (symbol of transformation and the future as a butterfly) and the good and evil (devil) joker.

The Caterpillar

The Wizard of Oz

The Joker and The Eagle

 The Joker and the Eagle  (2011)


  Jesus Christ Superstar (2003)

One might argue  that Jesus Christ died 2000 years before the era of Aquarius, but there is no  evidence at all that JC lived physically 2000 years ago. Herod was already dead before Jezus presumed birth. The first narrated experience of JC by Paul is spiritual and 19 years after his presumed death. If his spectacular miracles happened at age 29-32, JC would have already been 2000 years ago the Jesus Christ (Superstar) of today.

I painted  this violent red painting in a trance hearing the whiplashes  of  Andrew Lloyd Webster rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.  Prof.Micha Peleg (Amherst University, Massachusetts) told me in 2003 that this painting of revolution  resembled a supernova, the Christmas star. The miracles of JC are no miracles today. Jesus can even walk on water (ice) on the market in wintertime in my hometown Gouda or on a surfboard in Laguna Beach (California). You only need a smartphone on the lake of Tiberias and www.buienradar.nl to  set the alarm to exactly wake up one minute before the storm will end. The Flood also did not happen thousands of years ago, but is the Global Heating and consumption and money driven society of today. Even, the Arch of Noah was a few years ago in Gouda. Read "New Perspective on Redemption and the Fall" (in Dutch). Below the painting symbolising the end of Suffering, the Z (of Zorro), if we become aware? Zorro wears a mask, the Joker is also in disguise.  Carnaval, Halloween, the Arrival of San Pedro, are all dress-up parties because the Waterman has only a licence not to kill to make the transition and he has to wait for the right time to make his appearance.


This Christmas puzzel comes to an end, when  we have found the encryption code. The End of Times is no drama but it is the notion to live fully in the Present, in connection with the Universe (= "God"). The End of Times happens to be also Judgement Day. The Dutch are very familiar with the precedessor of Judgement Day. They have a December 5 tradition celebrating the birthday of Saint Nicolaas. Good behaviour is rewarded. The family and friends write primitive teasing poems to create awareness of their weaknesses in a safe loving environment. The servant of St. Nicolaas happens to be Black Pete. He takes the blame / sin away = sounds like the job description of JC.  Joker Constructor. How can you anyhow be declared guilty if one has not learned to distinguish between good and evil. The alter ego of JC = Pieterbaas in Dutch, Pete-Boss = the expected servant leader, the king-servant). In Dutch.

The argument between creationism and evolution theory can also stop.

Healing, tikkun olam

Einstein stated already that time is relative. The Present only exists. Creation takes always place in the Present. Evolution (theory) is a reflection on the Present(s) of the perceived Past and is the history of the  optimisation process leading to the New (sustainable) world.

The Servant Leader bends to the World

The Arrival, Resurrection (2012)

The Arrival

The whale in this painting is a representation of the arrival of the awareness of "God". I did not intend to paint a whale, but my inner voice told me and I did it the third time. The whale gave birth to the Servant Leader, which was in an earlier version of this painting.


 The Conception of the New World

The conception of the New World, The Joker Smiles (2014)